New Innovations

Advances are taking place rapidly in the field of vein disease.  Dr. Fastabend follows and studies these new developments in order to bring the latest innovations to patients in Southwest Louisiana.

Some of the more recently approved treatment technology available at the Vein Center of Southwest Louisiana includes:

  • VenaSeal: An injectable adhesive which treats the underlying source of varicose veins, reversal of venous blood flow or reflux in the great and small saphenous vein. The unique features of Venaseal include no requirement for compression hose after treatment, no tumescent local anesthesia and immediate return to normal activities.
  • Varithena: The first FDA-approved injectable foam treatment that corrects reflux in the saphenous veins, reduces the appearance of bulging veins and relieves discomfort.

If you’d like to learn more about our latest innovations, visit the Vein Center of Southwest Louisiana. Dr. Fastabend is Louisiana’s only full-time, comprehensive vein specialist who exclusively focuses on vein care. Utilizing advanced, minimally-invasive vein treatment options, Dr. Fastabend offers innovative and results-driven care for the full range of vein problems. Call us today at 337.312.VEIN or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment.

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