Dr. Fastabend Serves as Instructor for Masters Program

Carl Fastabend, MD, FACC, founder and medical director of the Vein Center of Southwest Louisiana, recently served as an Instructor for the ClosureFast Masters Program in Dallas, Texas. The two-day course was attended by 50 vascular physicians and mid-level practitioners from across the country. The purpose of the program was to train specialists on the safe and effective use of Medtronic’s ClosureFast procedure to treat chronic venous disease. The procedure uses controlled and consistent heat delivered by the ClosureFast catheter to seal the diseased vein. Once the vein is sealed, blood is rerouted to nearby healthy veins.

Dr. Fastabend is the only full-time, comprehensive vein specialist in Louisiana. He has participated in important clinical research projects and is a regular speaker at training sessions and conferences around the country for physicians interested in learning about vein disease and modern treatment modalities.

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